Beat Self Sabotage System


which of these four goal-setting mistakes is spoiling your chances for success?



If you have ever blurted the wrong thing at the wrong time, and ruined an opportunity, if you?ve ever felt heavy emotional resistance to starting a particular task that would really move things along, or if you?ve ever been pursuing an important goal and suddenly been deflected, such as thinking that the dishes just have to be washed now, or deciding to watch TV instead, or even suddenly feeling tired or ill ? these blocks and deflections and excuses for not continuing on with your goal are what?s called ?self-sabotage.? Unless you?ve accomplished every goal you?ve had, then you?ve been a victim of self-sabotage at some time or another. And some people ? maybe even you ? can?t seem to get any life-changing goal going beyond the planning or dreaming stage. Their self-sabotage mechanism shoots them down at every turn.


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